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4 Differences Between Personal Training vs Group Fitness

At glance, personal training with group fitness look same, but in real they have differences in some sides. Yes, we sure, they are same to teach some movements to burn your fat and appear your sweat. It is not impossible because there are many people who are interested to join with this. But some of them precisely choose one of both them with some specific reasons. Of course, it makes us know that actually personal training vs group fitness are not same. Well, here are…

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5 Tips How to Prevent Alzheimer and Dementia

There are many people who don’t know what is different between Alzheimer with Dementia. At glance, the both look same but in real, they are different. Alzheimer is a syndrome similar to apoptosis of brain cells at the same time so that this causes the brain seems to be shrink and experience degradation. Meanwhile dementia refers to brain disorder that causes someone feels easy to forget something and difficult to memorize anything in their life. Below are some tips how to prevent Alzheimer and dementia.…

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flamingo stretch exercise

4 Exercises to Help Avoid Running Injuries

We think everyone has the same risk for getting running injuries, but indirectly they have made it becomes more severe when it happens of at least they precisely stimulate it occurs. Running injuries actually can come unpredictably and even it will damage your pleasure days. As we know that running can be the main common exercise that is done not only for experience runners but also for some lay men. Well, below are some exercises to help avoid running injuries. Find them to try! Flamingo…

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