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Healthy Food For College Students

9 Healthy Food For College Students On A Budget

It sounds impossible that a college student can eat healthily while keeping the budget low. The following list contains nutritious and healthy food with low price. This list gives us the chance to stay low on budget while remain fit as well. #1. Refried Beans These beans are usually canned and are great for menus like nachos, burritos, and enchilada. It also makes perfect side dish with calories, protein, fibber, and enough calcium on even small serving. #2. Spinach For this, we should get it…

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lemon juice skin care wrinkles home remedies

9 Tips for Natural Skin Care

Everyone wants flawless and nice tones on skin. Some people go on complicated and chemical procedure to get it. However, there are several natural ways we can go through. Here are several tips to treat your skin naturally. #1. Lemon Juice for Marks and Spots Squeezed the lemon and apply the juice to the targeted area. Do it continuously every day, and you will get clearer skin in several days. Be generous for the lemon juice. #2. Grass Fed Yogurt for Lighter Skin If you…

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dark circles under eyes treatment

8 Proven Ways to Get Rid of Dark Circles under Your Eyes

Dark circles under the eye area are easy to get but most often hard to remove. Scientists suggest many creams and products. They also recommend several ways to get rid of it. Here are several proven ways for it. #1. Practicing Yoga Yoga will stimulate the process naturally. You do not need to wear any concealer ever again. However, it takes much longer time to work. It may take months but the result is so much more pleasing than other treatments. #2. Cool Compress It…

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