sugary beverages represent a threat to global health

8 Diet Tips How to Reduce Your Carbohydrate Intake

Reducing carbohydrate intake is a marvellous idea to get slimmer and healthier body. However, it can be really though since we need to fight the craving for full tummy. The following tips are great tips to reduce our carbohydrate intake in easier but tasty way.sugary beverages represent a threat to global health

#1. No Sugary Beverages

It doesn’t mean we can’t drink sweet beverages. We need to make in balance. We need to drink more and more mineral water instead of sugary beverages. We don’t need that much sugar, only once in a while in a day.

#2. Add More Veggie on Menu

How can we do this? It’s simple. Instead of serving cheese burger with bun, we can use salsa sauce, and extra veggie on it. It has enough supply for the body without being fat.

#3. Make Substitution

We need to change our preference on food. We can start by replacing potato chips with roasted almonds, or spaghetti squash over pasta.

#4. Prefer on Quality Food

We shouldn’t stick on quantity when it comes to satisfaction. We only need a half cup of rice for carbs. In addition to the portion, we should prefer on really great cake, 2 inch of it, for 2 times serve, and a square of high quality chocolate once.

#5. Always Pick Browns

It applies for rice and bread. If we are willing for more, we can try for “no white diet” where we refuse to consume white bread, white flour, white rice, and white sugar.carbohydrate intake for weight loss diet

#6. Eat More Meat and Fish

We need more protein and it is available on meat and fish. Grass fed meat and wild caught fishes are the best choice for low carb diet. Pay attention on the portion to get a real balance with the veggies.

#7. Get Low Carb Recipes

The best way to control our carbs intake will be cooking our own meal. Since we emphasize on fresh meal, the cooking process won’t be complicated. For more variation low carb recipes will be helpful.

#8. Learn to Cook Our Own Meal

Learning to cook is the same as learning to control the carbs intake. We can avoid weird look we receive if we dine in a restaurant since we have many instructions too.

Even though we have it planned well, the first step will be hard. We can start to apply the tips one by one. Each time we apply a tip successfully, we can add one more. This is worth the effort.

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