lemon juice skin care wrinkles home remedies

9 Tips for Natural Skin Care

Everyone wants flawless and nice tones on skin. Some people go on complicated and chemical procedure to get it. However, there are several natural ways we can go through. Here are several tips to treat your skin naturally.lemon juice skin care wrinkles home remedies

#1. Lemon Juice for Marks and Spots

Squeezed the lemon and apply the juice to the targeted area. Do it continuously every day, and you will get clearer skin in several days. Be generous for the lemon juice.

#2. Grass Fed Yogurt for Lighter Skin

If you can have the organic one, it is a lot better. Apply it on your face and neck and leave it for about 10 minutes before wash.

#3. Tea Tree Oil for Pimple Treatment

You only need to apply tea tree oil on the pimple generously. Do it every few hours for effective result. In addition to it, vitamin E oil application an hour before bed time helps.best natural skin care products 2014 2015

#4. Sugar Scrub for Light and Smooth Skin

Mix your body wash cream with some sugar. The glycolic acid helps a lot in removing old skin cells, and it removes dirt effectively.

#5. Jojoba, Coconut, or Olive Oil for Glow

Pick one of the oils and apply it to your skin. However, for even more natural look, it is recommended to apply it on areas where you usually apply shimmer or highlight.

#6. Leafy Greens for Dark Circle and Dark Skin

You can have it blended or juiced. It helps on your digestion but also naturally reduces under eye dark circles.natural skin care tips products

#7. Filter Your Water

This is also essential yet simple. Use filter for your water. It prevents chemicals and chlorine from your skin as well as the hair. It also prevents you from over exposed skin.

#8. Dandelion Tea for Puffy Skin

Drink dandelion tea to treat puffy skin especially your face. Regular take of the tea will be really helpful. A little massage on skin will be a lot help as well.

#9. Champagne to Shrink Pores

Apply a little bit of champagne to your pores regularly. Use cotton ball to make sure it is well applied softly. It shrinks pores just so quickly.

Most things you need to do the treatment are available on your kitchen. In addition to it, they are simple enough to do. Treating skin can be this simple and affordable. So, find the entire things you need and start the natural treatment.

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