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8 Safe Hair Removal Procedures and Tips

Smooth and clear skin is nice to have and to look at. To achieve the look, we need hair removal procedures. There are many available. However, the following procedures are considered the best and the safest for now.clear skin tips

#1. Pulsed Light

This procedure is also known as the laser method. It is suitable for all body parts but only to people with dark hair as well as light skin. Do touch up session once a year to maintain perfect look.

#2. Electrolysis

It touches hair growth cells using needle. Take multiple sessions if you need it. However, considering hyper pigmentation risk, this procedure is not recommended for dark skin. Consider the possibility for tiny scar risks and the treatment.

#3. Vaniqa

It uses special cream to stop the enzyme responsible for hair growth. It is best to remove hair from your cheeks, chin, and upper lip area. This is safe enough for all skin types and to all removal for men women pictures illustration

#4. Waxing

The method is so much developed now. You can use herbal and natural products as well for it. It is good for the entire body parts. Do not forget to use antibacterial lotion after the procedure.

#5. Shaving

Even though only in the surface, it removes hair quite nicely. You only need to make sure the hair is wet before it, and shave as where the hair grows to. Do not repeat stroke, and try to keep your skin relax during the procedure.

#6. Depilatories

The use of chemical cream on this procedure is effective. However, you are not recommended to use the procedure for hair removal on eyebrows and genital area. Repeat the method every week to maintain the look and use highly recommended product.waxing vs shaving

#7. Tweezing

This will remove hair all with the root. It is not hard to do and safe enough. You will need to repeat it after a while, but the result lingers longer than shaving. Use the procedure on small areas like chin, cheek, and upper lip.

#8. Hormonal Treatment and Oral Contraceptive

It requires us to take certain drugs to stop the hormone. This will stop hair growth naturally. The key is to reduce the androgen levels. You need doctor prescription and make sure you are not allergic to any of the substance

If you are accustomed to skin care procedures, those alternatives may sound interesting to you. However, if this is something new for you, you can try to have only one procedure you are brave and confident enough to have. So, which one is your pick?

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