Healthy Food For College Students

9 Healthy Food For College Students On A Budget

It sounds impossible that a college student can eat healthily while keeping the budget low. The following list contains nutritious and healthy food with low price. This list gives us the chance to stay low on budget while remain fit as well.Healthy Food For College Students

#1. Refried Beans

These beans are usually canned and are great for menus like nachos, burritos, and enchilada. It also makes perfect side dish with calories, protein, fibber, and enough calcium on even small serving.

#2. Spinach

For this, we should get it fresh bagged. Most groceries offer fresh spinach every morning. Spinach makes perfect ingredients for stew and soup, as well as salads and casseroles. Egg dishes will be perfect with it too.

#3. Potato

The Russet potatoes make great choice for this. A bag of eleven to thirteen potatoes costs about $4. It is rich of calories, vitamin C, protein, iron, potassium, and fibber. Baked potatoes will be a great healthy menu of it.

#4. Frozen Vegetables

Besides cheap, frozen vegetables are perfect choices for long term supply on our fridge. It makes practical yet healthy ingredients for stew, soup, and casseroles. Fibber, calories, vitamin A and C, as well as iron and calcium are in it.healthy raw oatmeal

#5. Oat

The old fashioned oat is much better than the new ones. It gives enough calories, protein, and fibber for a day activity in a half of dry oats.

#6. Non Fat Yogurt

This is a delicious choice for snack ingredient. We can make parfait, smoothies, and other snacks with enough calorie, fibber, and protein. It is on sale very often, and the price will definitely be a lot cheaper.

#7. Whole Wheat Bread

Pick the 100% whole wheat bread for real healthy choice. Cold and hot served sandwiches, bread pudding, and strata for breakfast will be our menu then.

#8. Multigrain Pasta

Instead of the other kind, multigrain or whole wheat pasta is a lot healthier. We can make fancy hot or cold pasta dishes for dinner while remain brown rice meals

#9. Brown Rice

This rice has more fibber than the other kind, and is a perfect mix for casserole, stew, salads, or fried rice. The calorie is about the same on each serving, but it has more protein.

Those foods are not only cheap but they are also easy to find. Common groceries provide it the whole year. Even though the price will be different each year, they still remain the cheapest ones on market.

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