5 Essential Rules of Clean Eating

Do you want to learn how to eat clean and be amazing? Great! You’ll find the answers below.

In case you have been living under a very old and very large rock, there is a lot of buzz in the media regarding clean eating. So what exactly is clean eating anyways? Clean eating is consuming foods and beverages that promote your long-term health and provide your body with the best nutrition that it needs for energy.

Sounds wordy doesn’t it? Ok, I’ll simplify it for you: Clean eating is consuming foods and beverages that benefit the body. So how does one go about practicing clean eating anyways? Glad you asked, below are the 5 essential rules for clean eating that will help you live a healthy and amazing lifestyle.

1. View Clean Eating as a Lifestyle

Here’s the truth, diets fail because they never fix the core behavior that caused you to become unhealthy or overweight in the first place. Diets are essentially marketed Band-Aids that act as a temporary solution to your problem and, to be honest, they are generally pretty terrible. How many people do you know that start a diet, lose the weight, then proceed to gain it back, and then some?

Clean eating is all about the lifestyle change. It’s not about counting the calories, or restricting yourself from certain food groups, but rather it’s all about making the calories count. The first rule of clean eating is to understand the difference between diets and healthy eating. Clean eating is a lifestyle that, if you can master, you will never have worry about going on a diet again. Learn the difference, put the diet soda down and be happy.

2. Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables

Don’t I sound like your mom screaming at you to eat your fruits and vegetables? Well, I’ll think I do. As it turns out, your mom was right! You should eat your fruits and vegetables. Oddly enough, the second rule of clean eating is to eat your fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.

When you eat your fruits and veggies, especially the fresh ones, you are effectively supplying your body with the essential vitamins and minerals that will keep you healthy! Here’s the crazy part that happens to you when you eat fresh fruits and veggies: it’ll be easy on your body to digest and you’ll end up physically feeling better. Now who would of thought that eating fruits and vegetables, you know, items that grow in nature, would be so good for you? Crazy, right?! All sarcasm aside, eat your fruits and vegetables, your body will thank you.

3. The Simple Swap Principal

Hey Timmy, drop the fries and put your hands above your head! Ok, don’t do that but still drop the fries so you can replace them with a baked potato. Clean eating is all about simple swaps. Instead of ordering a side of fries at a restaurant, elect to order a vegetable side dish or a baked potato. Instead of ordering a greasy burger, order the chicken sandwich instead. Simple swaps people, simple swaps. Clean eating is all about making simple swamps while you live your normal life.

If you’re anything like me, you go out restaurants with your friends to have a good time. So what I’m saying is, still go out with your friends and have a good time, but only eat the food that will benefit you the most. Remember, clean eating is a lifestyle change not a diet.

4. Avoid Added Sugar

Now clean eating at its core is simply making smart eating choices as you live your normal life and there isn’t any one thing you need to avoid or declare war on. However, for those that love the drama and the challenge, declare war on any item that has added sugar!

What I mean is to try avoid the candy bars, the cakes, the sodas and everything in between with added sugar.

Now, again, we’re human and you and I both know that if I’m at a birthday party, you’re darn right that I’ll be having a piece of cake. It’s by practicing eating clean that we can afford to have the occasional piece of cake and not hate ourselves for it. So again, try to avoid items that have added sugar; if you’re unsure what added sugar is, read the label.

5. Drink More Water

I’m sure you have heard by now that you should drink a minimum of eight glasses of water per day. Ok, great. Now I’m daring you to actually follow that recommendation. The truth is, water is fantastic for your body, has zero calories and even can help you feel full. So please, for the paycheck of your high school health teacher; drink eight glasses of water. For my health tips, check out FeelTheBurn.org.

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