5 Helpful Arthritis Pain Management Tips

If you suffer from arthritis, you know just how difficult it can be to perform all the tasks that used to feel simple and easy. Just waking up in the morning can be painful and fraught with stress. Unfortunately, if you don’t learn to treat your arthritis in an effective manner, it can just get gradually worse over the years. However, there are ways to keep it from progressing. Here are five helpful arthritis pain management tips.

  1. Start each morning with some light stretching. It may seem a little silly, but a good stretch every morning can actually do a lot to help with your arthritis symptoms. When you are asleep, your heart rate is at rest, and you often start to swell in the places that are the most tense. To reduce this swelling, you want to find a few light stretches you can do to get the blood gently pumping through those tense spots, rather than getting stuck.
  2. Take anti-inflammatories. One of the best ways to reduce swelling is with the use of anti-inflammatories. You can get all kinds of over the counter medications, or if you need something a little bit more serious, or specialized for your condition, you can get an anti-inflammatory that is designed for arthritis from Pivotal Health Products Corp. These medications use the power of enzyme therapy to really get to the heart of your condition.
  3. Ice the affected area. As you would with any other kind of swelling or inflammation, you want to ice the area that is plagued by arthritis whenever it starts to act up. This is the most natural and effective method for reducing the pain and the inflammation. If you are engaged in any kind of activity that causes your arthritis to flare up, you are going to want to stop immediately and ice for at least 30 minutes so that it doesn’t get too severe.
  4. Avoid activities that cause your arthritis to flare up. If you know which particular types of activities are causing your excruciating, chronic pain, then you really need to discontinue them. This can be particularly difficult if you have a sport or hobby that has been a passion in your life, but you have to accept that you will need to find new passions to replace the old ones. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but the longer it takes you to accept that reality, the worse your symptoms are going to get.
  5. Try acupuncture. Many people are skeptical about acupuncture, but it’s been a tried and true method for dealing with all kinds of chronic pain for hundreds of years. Acupuncture is the studied practice of tapping into the nerves and energetic meridians in our bodies, in order to clear pathways that have become blocked by swelling, tension, and a number of other causes. It’s a lot more complicated than that, but the truth is that it can really help you to increase circulation and decrease inflammation in the body.

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