5 Natural Ways to Get Whiter Teeth at Home

If you love to drink coffee, soda, or tea, then you probably have a hard time keeping your teeth white. If you are also a smoker, it may seem like a losing battle. If you’ve ever bought those whitening strips, you may still have flashbacks of the disgusting taste and aching pain. If you’ve ever received a quote from your dentist, the price may have been intimidating enough for you to cancel your last 3 appointments. Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can combat your teeth staining habits without making several expensive and invasive trips to the dentist. If you’re looking for a few easy lifestyle changes that will help you minimize stains, here are five natural ways to get whiter teeth at home.

  1. Use straws. It may seem strange when you are drinking warm liquids, but if you drink a lot of coffee or tea, you want to reduce the amount that splashes on the front of your teeth. You can do this by always using straws when you are drinking coffee, tea, soda or any other type of drink that is known to leave stains. You might even want to cut down on the amount that you drink.
  2. Brush after meals. One of the most effective ways to reduce tooth stains is to get them off before they set in. Most people brush their teeth right after they wake up and right before they go to sleep. However, if you give yourself a good brush right after you finish breakfast, followed by a quick, light brush after lunch, and then another heavy brush directly after dinner, you will notice a big difference in the color of your teeth. You can carry a small travel toothbrush on your person, and if you are snacking, or simply don’t have the time to brush, chewing a piece of gum is a pretty good substitute.
  3. Brush in circles. Ever see those toothpaste commercials, you know the ones where they’re never actually using toothpaste, and they’re always brushing their teeth in circles? Well, that’s exactly how you want to brush your front teeth – except, with the toothpaste. Brushing in circles helps to lift stains and is proven to leave your teeth looking whiter.
  4. Floss well. Flossing may be a hard habit to form, but once you make it a habit, it won’t really be a big deal. You just have to find a particular time of day that works for you. Not only that, but you have to be very thorough; simply getting between the teeth is not enough. You want to get underneath the gum line in the corners of your teeth. This is where a lot of the plaque is sitting and it tends to turn yellow the fastest. So be sure to scrape all of that out of your mouth on a daily basis.
  5. Consider a spa treatment. If none of the last 4 tips were aggressive enough for your dental needs, you may want to consider an oral spa treatment from¬†Glow Dental Spa. They don’t only¬†whiten teeth, they will assess your entire mouth and jaw to determine a course of action that is most appropriate for your personal dental needs.

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