How to Choose the Best Protein Powder

Whether you’re on a weight-loss diet and exercise program, you’re looking to bulk up, you’re training for an athletic event, or you simply don’t eat a lot of meat and you’re looking for ways to supplement your daily protein intake, you may be interested in what protein powder can do for you. With abundant protein packed into every scoop of this supplemental product, you can easily add this valuable nutrient to your diet. But it only takes a trip to the grocery or supplement store to discover that there is a wide variety of products to choose from. How are you supposed to select the one that’s right for you? Here are a few tips that should help you to pick the perfect protein powder.

You should start by understanding the different types of protein you might encounter. By far the most common (and affordable) tends to be whey protein, but you can also find soy, pea, and other vegetable protein products. The latter tends to work better for consumers that are lactose intolerant since whey protein is dairy-based. That said, there are even variations of whey protein, such as concentrate, isolate, and casein. The differences tend to be related to how quickly the products are absorbed into your system and the effects they have on overall muscle repair. A nutritionist or a specialist at a supplement shop can explain these differences to you and make recommendations based on what results you hope to accomplish.

Of course, there’s more to selecting a protein powder than the type of protein included. You also want to consider additional features of any powder you’re interested in. You may notice that products vary widely in terms of price. This generally has to do with the addition of desirable features. For example, some products include only natural ingredients. Others are deemed “mass gainers”, which means they feature additional carbs and fats required for body building. Some are designed to be easier or faster for your body to digest, while others claim to deliver more nutrients to your muscles than competing brands. If you happen to be an elite body builder or athlete, these extras may be worth the added cost. But for the average person, a less expensive product will probably work just fine.

A final consideration is the company you’re buying from. You need only ask other exercise aficionados what they use and you’ll get countless recommendations for the “best” whey protein products on the market. But time will tell whether a manufacturer is doing something right, so do a little research and find companies like BBE Supplements that have been around for a while. There will, of course, be a component of trial and error. Even if you find a product that looks perfect on paper, it might taste so bad that you simply can’t stomach it, in which case you’ll have to try something else. But when you take the time to consider different products, do some research, and sample a variety of protein powders, you’re sure to find the one that’s just right for you.

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