5 Helpful Marathon Training Tips for First-Timers

When it comes to fitness training, nothing can truly prepare you for the grueling nature of a marathon. Indeed, most marathons are feats of near impossible endurance. This is the reason why you see people collapse at the finish line – usually from exhaustion. This isn’t because the person didn’t train; it is because distance running can be brutal on almost every facet of the body’s basic functions. You can imagine what would happen if you didn’t train. For one thing, you wouldn’t even make it to the finish line – you would collapse before the hundred-yard mark. This is why it is so important to train for a marathon and to build up your stamina. In order to run twenty, twenty-five or even thirty miles, your body needs to be put through a rigorous training regimen. In most cases, it can take up to two years to feel totally prepared.

  1. Start running – your first step is to simply get out there and run. When it comes down to it, you can start running around the block and then build up to two blocks. This will ultimately help you build your stamina, which is so essential in marathon running. Eventually, you want to start clocking two, three, five or even ten miles. This will require daily running – sometimes twice daily.
  2. Build your plan and set your goals – to keep everything organized and streamlined, you want to create your unique training regimen. This usually requires deciding on a date for how long you want to train, meal times and more. Like anything, you want to have a plan. If you don’t, you may wind up getting discouraged – a plan will help you look forward.
  3. Train your mind and body – when you are training for a marathon, you want to be sure that you train your mind at the same time that you are training your body. This will require getting prepared for running long distances, which can be difficult to comprehend. The idea is to minimize the length of the race in your mind. If the race is twenty miles, you want to make yourself believe that twenty miles is not that long to run.
  4. Work out the rest of your muscle groups – in order to run a long distance, your whole body has to be in shape. This is why you want to do weightlifting and other exercises. The goal is not to boost your muscle mass – it is too boost your muscle strength. If you want to run that long, you want to have strong muscles and bones, but you don’t want them to be dragging you behind.
  5. Map your marathon – last but not least, you want to be sure that you map the route taken during the marathon. If you really want to succeed and possibly take the number one spot in the race, you want to run the entire route of the marathon. This will help you build up speed and beat previous records. In the end, the more familiar you are, the better.

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