How to Dine Out Often and Still Lose Weight

You may think that dining out and losing weight are counterintuitive concepts, but this isn’t the case. There are many ways to maintain your weight loss plan and still go out to dinner. You wouldn’t want to miss a date, would you? The truth is that restaurants do use heavy additives and ingredients that can make your food more fattening. For instance, a steak that you eat at a restaurant will be a lot more fattening than the one you make at home. The same goes for pasta and even dessert at a restaurant. Fortunately, there are a few ways to go out to eat, without gaining more weight. Here is how to dine out often and still lose weight.

  1. Go for the healthier options on the menu. When you eat out, you want to ask for the healthier options on the menu. For instance, you probably don’t want to order the pasta with the thick cream and cheese sauce. Knowing what to order will keep your weight regulated and your weight loss program on track.
  2. Look at the nutrition facts. When it comes down to it, being able to look at the nutrition facts of the meals at certain restaurants used to be impossible. Today, however, people are more concerned about what they eat and they want to see this information. Some states are making it a law that this information needs to be published. For instance, you can see Smashburger nutrition facts and you can see the nutrition facts for a number of other restaurants Рall online. Ideally, you want to brush up on this info before you dine out.
  3. Order smaller portions. Most restaurants will give you the bigger portion of everything. Have you ever noticed that restaurants just pile the food on the plate? Well, this can often get in the way of your diet and it can cause you to gain more weight. This is why you want to ask for the half, or even quarter, portions of your meal. Going this route will help you stay committed to your weight loss plan and it will help you save money when you dine out.
  4. Don’t order dessert. There is a good chance that you have tasted the desserts at restaurants – they are delicious and temping. However, these desserts can be dangerous – mostly because they have an incredibly high sugar content and they are incredibly fattening. Instead of eating dessert, you may want to have some fruit instead. It may be difficult to stay away from sugary desserts, but it may be important for the sake of your health.
  5. Ask for a water instead of a sugary soda. On top of everything, you also want to stay away from sugary soft drinks. These drinks have a lot of sugar and calories. If you are on a diet, the last thing you want is to be drinking soda. In the end, you want to refrain from ordering a soda – even a diet soda – and you want to stick to water instead.

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