5 Indoor Cycling Class Health and Fitness Benefits

If you’re a member at a gym that offers spinning classes, then you’ve likely seen attendees exiting the class, dripping with sweat and smiling like fiends. You’ve probably heard the music pumping from behind closed doors and wondered just what the heck was going on in there. Well, this is one party you don’t need an invitation to attend. Indoor cycling classes are a fun way to get fit, lose weight, tone muscles, and still have fun. Spinning isn’t a walk in the park, but you’ll definitely get results and have a great time doing it. Plus, there are tons of health and fitness benefits to be gained along the way. Here are a few that could have you hopping in a stationary bike and grooving with fellow fitness buffs.

  1. Cardio. Like jogging, cycling is a wonderful way to get your heart pumping, thanks to the demand on the largest muscles in your body. Unlike jogging, however, indoor cycling lacks the impact that can lead to injured ankles and knees. If you’re looking to improve cardiopulmonary function, increase energy and endurance, and reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other ailments (not to mention stress), indoor cycling is a fun, safe, and effective way to meet your many health and fitness goals.
  2. Toning. In addition to feeling good, most people who exercise would also like to improve their appearance. Spinning is one exercise that can deliver on both fronts. While this activity will certainly increase your heart rate, it will also call on you to work your muscles in a variety of ways, thanks to sitting, standing, and cycling backwards, along with changes in tempo. The result will be a leaner physique and perhaps the ability to fit into those jeans you haven’t worn in ten years. Of course, you’ll also develop muscles that are capable of responding on demand.
  3. Full-body workout. If you’ve never been to a cycling class before, you might be surprised to see that there are weights involved. Spinning is not just a workout for your legs – it’s a comprehensive, full-body affair designed to hit all your major muscle groups for overall results.
  4. Weight loss. Unless you’re eating an entire cake every day (or otherwise exceeding your recommended caloric intake significantly) chances are good you’re going to lose weight when you attend an indoor cycling class regularly. And depending on your level of fitness and the intensity of the workout, you could burn anywhere from about 600 to 900 calories in an hour of spinning. That’s a good amount for anyone looking to shed unwanted pounds.
  5. Variety. You might not see the immediate health benefit of variety, but the truth is that when people get bored with their workout routine, they tend to find reasons to skip it in favor of a more interesting activity. But an indoor cycling class can provide benefits for both your physical and your mental health, offering the challenging and engaging exercise regimen you need to stay interested and keep coming back. Plus, attending a class means that you’ll get to participate as part of a group, making the activity more fun and giving you the impetus to push a little harder. No matter how you look at it, joining an indoor cycling class is a great way to get fit and healthy. So check out the offerings at Empower Cycling Studio or your local gym facility.

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