Simple Health and Nutrition Tips for MMA Fighters

MMA fighters need to be in excellent shape to compete in the ring. This not only requires exercising, but it also requires staying committed to a strict diet regimen. When it comes down to it, mixed martial arts, or MMA training can be rigorous and demanding, so it is important that you are getting the caloric and nutritional intake you need. If you want to boost your stamina and efficiency in the ring, you will need to create a diet that is rich in power producing molecules. Not only does your body need to be in peak physical shape, but your mind has to be sharp as well. Here are some simple health and nutrition tips for MMA fighters.

  1. Stock up on all the food you need for the week. Sticking to a diet regimen is all about making sure you have all these items in your fridge and pantry. Oftentimes, we cheat our own diets because we don’t have enough of something stocked at home. As an MMA fighter, this can seriously throw things off. It can help your commitment to head to the market with a list and bring home all the items you need for a full seven-day training session.
  2. Don’t go to the run-of-the-mill supermarket. If you train at a quality training facility, like City of Champions, why would you go to a subpar market? It is important that you visit markets that have farm fresh foods and alternative diet offerings. This will give you the opportunity to really get the best – and most nutritious – items for your diet regimen. Even the quality of the eggs you eat matter because if you get them from a factory farm, they could be laden with chemicals and hormones that could negatively affect your training.
  3. Toss out all the unhealthy stuff in your house. If you have unhealthy snacks and foodstuffs in your home, you will get around to eating them, which will be bad for your health. This is why you why you want to bite the bullet and throw all these items away. Anything with too much sugar, anything with empty calories and anything with too many modified ingredients – you want to toss it all away.
  4. Write down what you eat. Another way to stick to a healthy diet is to write down what you eat. You may also want to create a recipe book with all of your favorite healthy dishes. As an MMA fighter, you want to stay lean – so as to remain quick and agile in the ring – but you also want to amp up the proteins and carbohydrates to maintain your energy without burning out. Keeping a food diary will help you perfect your diet.
  5. Stay hydrated. One of the most important health tips for MMA fighters is to drink plenty of water and to stay hydrated. This is essential. Staying hydrated will keep your body at an equal balance and it will promote a healthy digestive system. At the end of the day, you can never have too much water as an MMA fighter, especially if you are gearing up for a tournament.

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