How to Get Life Insurance Without a Medical Exam

Getting life insurance is not generally a terribly complicated process, but there are definitely some steps to go through. First you’ll have to seek out a company and a policy that you feel comfortable with. And then you’ll have to fill out a pretty standard questionnaire concerning your medical history and your lifestyle. Many insurance companies also require a medical exam to determine your state of health and set your rate. However, there are certain types of life insurance that allow you to skip this step. So whether you hate getting poked and prodded during a physical, you have preexisting medical conditions that might preclude you from getting approved, or you’re simply in a hurry to get insured and you don’t want to wait until your doctor (or their doctor) can fit you in for an exam, you might want to consider life insurance options that don’t require the standard medical testing.

There are a couple of different types of life insurance that can be had sans medical exam. All you’ll have to do is provide a written medical history, rather than going through a physical and having your fluids taken and tested. This will make the process of getting insured considerably faster in most cases, so if want life insurance immediately for some reason (upcoming overseas travel, for example, or impending major surgery), time could be of the essence.

The first option is a guaranteed universal life insurance policy. It is like pretty much any other universal coverage plan in that your policy, including cost and benefits, will remain the same for the duration of your life, provided you make your payments and don’t take any loans against the value. The downside of this type of policy is the cost, and you could end up paying 2-3 times as much as you would for a comparable plan that includes a medical exam. Of course, if medical conditions would stop you from getting traditional insurance, you might be willing to pay more to forego the exam. And if you’re in a real hurry to get insured, you could always get this type of policy temporarily and then go for a medical exam later, securing a less expensive universal policy and then cancelling the temporary one.

But a better idea might be to go for simplified life insurance, and you can find both term and whole-life policies, depending on the provider you select. This option is going to be much more affordable, in general, than a guaranteed universal policy, although it may still cost slightly more than traditional life coverage. You simply choose the term you prefer (10 or 20 years, for example, or life), choose the amount of coverage you want (policies can range from as low as a few thousand dollars to several hundred thousand), complete whatever questionnaire is provided, and you can receive immediate access to life insurance no medical exam required.

There are any number of reasons why you might not want to undergo a medical exam in order to secure life insurance. And while you might pay a little more for this concession, exercising due diligence when it comes to comparing policies could still net you affordable coverage. Rather than foregoing a life insurance policy altogether because you don’t have time or you think you won’t be approved, take the time to examine policies that are quicker and easier to obtain, as well as less discriminating about whom they elect to cover.

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