Routine Medical Health Tests for Seniors

As people are starting to live longer, it’s more important than ever for seniors to be proactive about their health and well-being. This would consist of eating right, of exercising on a consistent basis, and it also includes taking routine medical health tests.

If you’re a senior or you have a loved one who is, this is an article that you’ll want to continue reading. That’s because it’s going to share with you some tests that you should make sure you take on an annual basis – just to make sure that you remain healthy and vital for many more years to come.

Blood pressure. There are literally millions of individuals who have health issues due to their high blood pressure. That’s why it’s important for all seniors to get their blood pressure checked on a consistent basis. Being that you should have an annual physical, that is the time when you can get your blood pressure tested. However, if you have a history of high blood pressure, there is a way to check it at home. One website that can walk you through the process is WebMD. Just go to the site and put “checking your blood pressure at home” in the search field.

Cholesterol screening. Heart attacks and strokes are pretty common in older individuals. There is a way to help to prevent either one from happening, though. You can participate in regular cholesterol screenings. That said, if several people in your family have high cholesterol or heart disease issues, you really should consider getting advanced lipid tests. The good news as it relates to high cholesterol is that it oftentimes can be decreased with a change in diet and with routine exercise.

Eyes and ears test. Eye diseases including cataracts and glaucoma become more common with age. So, if you’re someone under the age of 65, you should have your eyes checked every two years. If you’re over the age of 65, this should happen annually. Being that loss of hearing tends to become more of an issue with aging too, as a senior, it should be checked every 12 months.

Breast exam (for women). If you were to ask someone who works at a company like Senior Care Management Solutions about important medical tests that seniors should take, there’s a pretty good chance that they are going to say it’s a good idea for women to get an annual breast exam. In fact, any woman who is over the age of 40 should get her breasts checked (including having a mammogram) each year to make sure that the breast tissue is healthy and that there are no potentially cancerous tumors inside of them.

Prostate exam (for men). As for senior men, being that prostate cancer is pretty prevalent among them, an annual prostate exam is important for them to take. What the process does is measure a man’s prostate-specific antigen to make sure they are not at risk for prostate cancer. For information on what else a prostate exam consists of, visit and put “what to expect from a prostate exam” in the search field.

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