How to Prevent Back Pain During Pregnancy

There’s no question about it. Pregnancy is a beautiful and miraculous thing. It’s also the period of time in a woman’s life when she finds herself going through drastic physical changes in order to accommodate her ever-growing baby. One of those changes oftentimes includes experiencing some level of back pain.

If you’re a mom-to-be and lately you’ve been noticing that it’s hard to sit, walk or sleep due to the discomfort in your back, here are five tips for how you can easily and effectively prevent back pain during your pregnancy.

Try some yoga. A form of exercise that improves flexibility, helps to relieve stress and also decreases back pain is yoga. In fact, if you are pregnant, there is a form of yoga that is known as prenatal yoga. Being that almost every yoga exercise and position focuses on the back muscles, it’s a great way to soothe sore muscles while strengthening your back at the same time.

Participate in water aerobics. If you enjoy swimming then you’ll be thrilled to know that it’s a physical activity that does wonders for a woman’s back during pregnancy. The awesome thing about this option is that once you enter into your third trimester and you might not feel up to swimming, you can sign up for some water aerobics courses. They are safe, low-impact and another way to support your back in preparation for labor and delivery.

Invest in a few lumbar support pillows. Does your job consist of you sitting at a desk in a chair for hours on end? If so, something that you might want to think about getting is a couple of lumbar pillows. They are specifically made to provide your back with the support that it needs. Plus, it helps you to maintain good posture (something that is essential to avoiding back pain issues).

Sleep in the “right” position. If you were to speak with someone who works at Hope Family of Pain Centers as it specifically relates to dealing with chronic pain management during pregnancy, one of the things that they would probably advise is that you make sure you sleep in a good position. As a pregnant woman, you probably already know that as your pregnancy progresses, it’s best to avoid sleeping on your back. However, when it comes to relieving back pain, sleeping on your left side with pillows placed behind your back and in between your legs can remove certain aches and pains. Walmart, Amazon and Bed, Bath & Beyond are just three websites that sell pregnancy pillows.

Buy a maternity support belt. Speaking of great maternity support, another item that you should consider investing in is a maternity support belt. It is made up of thick elastic bands that go under your tummy and around your hips in order to cradle your abdominal muscles. Pregnant women who use the maternity support belt regularly find that they feel much better within a few moments of putting it on. For information on where to purchase one of your own, visit Motherhood, Target or Toys “R” Us.

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