Fitness Equipment Cleaning Basics

When you’ve finished your workout, you can throw your sweaty clothing in the laundry to get rid of any odors and germs that have accumulated during exercise. Unfortunately, you can’t do the same with your fitness equipment. But your treadmill, weights, Bowflex machine, yoga mats, floor mats, Kettle bells, and more can quickly become soiled and smelly when you’re sweating all over them day in and day out. And the dust and dirt they gather can make for an unsightly mess in your home gym. Of course, there are always unseen issues, as well, such as bacteria. So how can you keep your fitness equipment clean and ready for use? Here are a few basics.

Most people have two goals when it comes to cleaning their exercise equipment: they want to both clean and disinfect it. Not only do you want to remove the dust, dirt, and oil that can mess with your machinery and make digital displays a grimy mess, but you also want to make sure they don’t smell like old sweat and sneakers. And of course, you don’t want bacteria, viruses, and other germs taking up residence on your equipment, getting passed from one family member to the next. While you might not be keen to clean your fitness equipment after every use, due diligence is what it will take to get the job done.

The easiest option is to go for cleaning wipes that are antibacterial. All you have to do is wipe down whatever equipment you’ve used at the end of your workout. Most wipes are safe to use on sensors, digital displays, handrails, and pretty much any other surface you touch during the course of your exercise regimen. You can also opt for reusable rags and a spray bottle if you want to save some money and avoid disposable cleaning products. However, you might want to look for products that don’t contain bleach. Although it is great for killing bacteria, it can cause certain surfaces to become discolored, dry, or even to deteriorate more quickly over time.

So that covers your metal and hard plastic equipment. But what about softer materials like yoga mats, exercise bands, Pilates balls, and your Treadall Gym Flooring and Gym Mats? Believe it or not, these items can also be cleaned rather easily. You probably don’t want to attack them with your average cleaning supplies for a couple of reasons. For one thing, you’re going to have some difficulty cleaning an elastic resistance band with a rag. But the chemicals in these products could also have an adverse effect on rubber surfaces.

These types of equipment can be cleaned either by using a sponge dipped in warm water and dish soap, or you can simply throw them in a tub, agitate by hand, and hang them to dry periodically. When it comes to having clean fitness equipment you’ll find that there are a number of easy ways to keep your home gym germ-free. But if you allow dirt, dust, oils, sweat, and grime to build up, you’re going to have a much harder time getting it off later. And you may suffer some health issues in the meantime, especially if several people use the same equipment.

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