The Best Sleep Positions for a Healthy Spine

Many of us have our own preferred sleeping position – a position that has become natural over time. However, many of us fall into a sleeping position not because it is natural or genetic, but because we have found a certain position that is comfortable and we have made it a habit. You may not realize it, but there is a good chance that your sleeping position has changed slightly over time. Plus, there are more than a few different ways to sleep – some people sleep on their side, but there are many different side sleeping positions. The same goes with back sleepers and stomach sleepers. Here are some of the best sleep positions for a healthy spine.

One of the most natural sleeping positions is actually not the most common sleeping position. However, sleeping on your back allows you the opportunity to straighten your spine, so that you have the least impact. Other positions can cause impact and unnecessary strain on your spine. On your back, however, you can lie completely straight. If you have trouble getting into this position, you may have to practice – try laying in this position before you go to sleep to get used to being on your back.

Another good position to be in is on your side. Side sleeping is good for your back, because you aren’t causing any strain on your spine with the weight of your own body. If you place a pillow at your hips, it can make this position even more comfortable. The good news is that many of us are already side sleepers, so it doesn’t take that long to get into this position. If you aren’t a side sleeper, it is one of the hardest positions to get used to – surprisingly. Yet, the more comfortable you make it, the easier it will be.

Next, one of the unhealthiest positions for your back is sleeping on your stomach. This is an unnatural position that can cause extreme back pain, especially if you have a stiffer mattress that doesn’t allow your body to spread out more evenly. This is especially the case for “superman” sleepers – people who sleep with their arms stretched out to the sides, kind of like they are flying. This position can become a habit, especially if you slept on your stomach as a baby. However, if you start experiencing back pain, you may want to trick your body into sleeping in another position altogether.

Lastly, the way you sleep can certainly determine how good you feel in the morning. The thing about back pain is that it can affect your entire body – not just your spine. So, it is critical that you find a supportive and comfortable sleeping position. If you are experiencing pain from your sleeping position, you may want to visit an orthopedic center, like Texas Orthopedics, to find relief. Couple that with making a new sleeping position your new habit, and you may experience less pain and discomfort. When it comes to the health of your spine, you definitely don’t want to mess around.

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