Top 5 Healthy Eating and Exercise Tips for Seniors

When it comes to senior health, eating right and exercising regularly is critical. The aging body needs strength and nutrients more than ever. Of course, the aging body isn’t as agile as it used to be, so it is important to have tips on finding the best exercises – exercises that won’t cause injuries or a possible slip. Also, it is important to focus on the core parts of your body during your fitness regime, like your lower and upper back. It is also important to eat foods that promote a healthy heart and healthy brain – two organs that can become quite vulnerable in old age. Here are the top five healthy eating and exercise tips for seniors.

  1. Make sure to drink plenty of water. As a senior, you can never underestimate how important drinking plenty of water is. Hydrating is important for the bones, muscles and to make sure your entire body is equalized. If you are exercising regularly, drinking water is even more important, because the more energy you burn, the more water and moisture you lose. Staying hydrated is also important for the joints too.
  2. Speak to your physician about your diet. It is also important to speak to your regular physician. Your regular practitioner will make sure to consult with you on your dietary options. As a senior, you should be on a diet that includes plenty of protein and fiber. Also, it is important to eat foods that are rich in antioxidants and bone building nutrients. If you are a senior living alone and you are having trouble getting yourself to the doctor, it may be time to search “visiting angels charlotte” to learn about hiring a part time or full time assistant.
  3. Start with exercises that aren’t too demanding. Even walking around the block or down the street for twenty minutes a night can be helpful. Weight lifting is also a great workout for the elderly. Of course, you don’t need to lift super heavy weights – just some light weights will do the trick. You can even lift weights in bed if you want.
  4. Stretch every morning. It is also important to stretch when you are a senior. As you get older, your bones, muscles and joints aren’t as loose and mobile as they used to be. Stretching in the morning will allow you to loosen up and get ready for the day. If you don’t stretch, you could risk worsening certain conditions, like arthritis. So, be sure to remember to stretch every morning the idea is to build your flexibility.
  5. Complete crossword puzzles and other games. You may not realize it, but mental health is just as critical and important as physical health. So, to prevent debilitating conditions such as dementia, you want to complete puzzles to keep your brain sharp. In the end, your brain is an essential part of the overall physiological system – you need to complete a top to bottom work out to stay healthy.

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