Top 5 Healthy Spine Tips for Frequent Travelers

If you have a bad back, you probably know how much traveling can worsen the pain and the discomfort. Even if you’re not traveling, it is imperative that you find some ways to prevent the back pain from happening in the first place. If you travel regularly – either for work or for leisure – there is a good chance that you will need some tips on making sure your spine stays healthy while you are journeying. Most plane seats are designed with temporary comfort in mind. If you find yourself sitting in a plane seat on a regular basis, you will realize how uncomfortable these seats truly are. Here are the top five health spine tips for frequent travelers.

  1. Get up and move. If your back and spine starts to get sore while you are on the plane, you want to get up and walk around. In fact, you should get up as much as possible. The longer you sit in the chair, the more your back will hurt. So, as soon as those seatbelt signs go off, you should get up, stretch, and walk up and down the aisles.
  2. Work out. It is also critical to strengthen your spine if you travel a lot. The stronger your back is, the more resilient it will be. This is especially the case when it comes to your spine. If you don’t exercise regularly, your spine could become compacted. So, be sure to get some physical fitness at least thirty minutes a day. Ideally, you want to use weights. Weight lifting will ensure that your back muscles bulk up. You don’t need to over extend yourself – even lifting light weights can help.
  3. Sit first class. If you are a frequent traveler, it may be worth your while to fly first class. The first class cabin usually has softer seats with better back support. It may be slightly more expensive, but in the long run, it may be completely worth it. If you travel regularly, you may be able to sign up for a program that allows you to save money on these seats. If you are traveling for work, you may want to ask your employer to book you first class tickets.
  4. Visit a chiropractor. Visiting a chiropractic center, like Select Spine and Sports Medicine, before your flight may really help your back work out those kinks. If your spine is compacted or has discs in strange places, flying will just make it worse. A chiropractor will know exactly where to adjust your spine, so that when you fly, there is absolutely no discomfort. For the sake of your spinal health, this is incredibly important.
  5. Bring support. It is also critical to have back support when you travel on a plane. Most plane seats aren’t built for back support, so you have to bring your own. When it comes down to it, memory foam works the best. All you need is a lower back pillow and a neck pillow to make sure your spine is aligned. In the end, if you can make sure your spine is properly aligned, you will be much better off.

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