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5 Vitamins Must be Consumed for the Elderly

Choosing vitamins for the elderly certainly has the different way than you choose it for children. Vitamins has also different doses, it depends on the consumer’s age. Commonly doctor gives vitamins to someone carefully by considering the age and patient’s body condition. Although as the function and type, vitamins for elderly and children have similar thing. Here are some vitamins for elderly that’s need to try.elderly people eat consumption

Vitamin B

Vitamin B is the first vitamin that we recommend for elderly. Vitamin B is really important to consume as long as it can build an optimal health and immune, especially for B6 pyridoxine  or named , B12 ( cobalamin  and also B9. Those vitamins can work as well to help them for getting heart disease. The daily amount of vitamin B should be consumed is 100 mg.

Omega 3

The next vitamin that we will show you is omega 3. It is regarded as the important component of the cellular health. Due to this fatty acid isn’t produced by your body, we can also get them through some specific supplement or foods that we consume. So what are advantages of Omega 3? Omega 3 is needed to protect your heart, reducing cholesterol content and can help you preventing  arthritis. In real, the good combination actually comes from oils that contain acid EPA  and DHS.omega 3 for elderly


Talking about calcium, certainly will be related closely with the bone and growth. Lack of calcium is general thing that commonly happens on elderly, so to get enough calcium intake everyday, they can consume milks, dairy products etc. It is really essential for those who are 50 years old or above to consume 1000 mg of daily calcium.

Vitamin E and C

Vitamin E and C are antioxidant vitamin that can be got easily from many various vegetables and fruits. They are proven to build a strong immune system to your body. For adult or elderly, 500 mg of vitamin C is needed to consume, approximately twice per day. In addition, it helps body to stabile the blood pressure, help supporting heart’s health, decreasing cancer risk and also to prevent sudden dizzy. Completing your life with 400 IU of vitamin E everyday can prevent degeneration, eye disorder, especially for women elderly.

Overall, amount of vitamins for elderly actually isn’t same than children. Elderly needs more amount of all.  We hope that vitamins for elderly above can be useful to fill your daily vitamin’s need.

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