osteoporosis natural treatment options

Top 4 Potential Side Effects of Osteoporosis Treatments

Osteoporosis is one of dangerous disease that makes the sufferer feels weak to do anything because of decrement of bone mass. Osteoporosis commonly occurs on many old men and women. It can be also caused by lack of calcium of the body that makes bone becomes weaker gradually. Instead decrement of bone mass, generally osteoporosis can cause deterioration of bone tissue which eventually lead to bone fragility. There are many treatments that can be followed by them who get osteoporosis, ranging from consuming medicines, specific exercises etc. Well below are some types of osteoporosis treatments and potential side effects of osteoporosis treatment that might happen.osteoporosis natural treatment options

Antiresorptive Treatment

Antiresorptive is type of treatment that involve medication term.  Denosumab, estrogen, bisphosphonates, estrogen agonists/antagonists  and calcitonin include as the antiresorptive medication ways. They work as like a calcium that slow for losing bone substance that happens in the breakdown of the remodeling cycle. Nevertheless, this also gives bad impacts, is that when the medicine is consumed continuously, there will be precipitation in your body that leads you to get serious kidney problem.

Bone Remodeling Cycling

Bone remodeling cycle is a natural way of the body to prevent and treat osteoporosis. When bones are doing renovation and renews. The main part of cycling called bone resorption and formation. Commonly, it occurs to still remain balanced and close sequence. In addition, an imbalance of the remodeling cycle happens accompanied with menopause so that it can cause the bone loss that indirectly leads to serious osteoporosis.calcitonin salmon side effects

Calcitonin-Salmon Treatment

Calcitonin-Salmon is one of type of treatment that is done to reduce osteoporosis. Common side effect of usage of Calcitonin-Salmon is  back pain, nosebleed (epistaxis), headache and a runny nose. Meanwhile the injection form can lead you to cause allergic and other side effects such urinary frequency, nausea, as flushing of the hand and face, skin rash etc.

Denosumab (Prolia)

Denosumab is the last type of osteoporosis treatment that we will show you. It is categorized as the osteoporosis  curing in menopausal women which has a high risk getting fracture and is caused to improve the bone mass with osteoporosis accompanied with getting fracture too. Indirectly it can reduce the calcium level in the blood so be carefully to consider using it.

In conclusion, Potential Side Effects of Osteoporosis Treatments above should be aware to prevent more complications that happen.

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