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5 Tips How to Prevent Alzheimer and Dementia

There are many people who don’t know what is different between Alzheimer with Dementia. At glance, the both look same but in real, they are different. Alzheimer is a syndrome similar to apoptosis of brain cells at the same time so that this causes the brain seems to be shrink and experience degradation. Meanwhile dementia refers to brain disorder that causes someone feels easy to forget something and difficult to memorize anything in their life. Below are some tips how to prevent Alzheimer and dementia.happy alzheimer patient smile

#1. Stop Smoking Now

The first thing to prevent those diseases is by stop smoking.  Smoking isn’t suggested because some materials that are used contain a dangerous thing that can affect the memory of someone. Especially the tobacco, when it is consumed long term, it will lead you to get Alzheimer and dementia, although it is not directly influence but it will come when you have been old.

#2. Follow Mediteranian Diet

Follow mediteranian diet is the wise decision for you to prevent Alzheimer and dementia come. It is a specific diet that allows you to eat much good fats and protein. Foods that can be consumed to follow this diet i.e. beans, nuts, avocado, fish oil, fruits, green vegetables, red meats and high fat dairy.

#3. Consuming Peppers And Celery

Consuming peppers and celery directly probably isn’t too delicious, but they are mixed into soup or eat with breads, they can add the taste inside. According to Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Celery and peppers are proven to reduce the impact of encephalitis cause by Alzheimer and even can help someone to help increasing brain memory.dementia friendly communities

#4. Exercise

Exercise is also important. Although dementia and Alzheimer generally attack old women, but it doesn’t mean you can do carelessly when still younger. Exercise can be done when you are still young. Exercise is not only able to improve your physic condition but also will increase their independent mobility. By combining 60 minutes of exercise in every week, they can improve their own mobility.

#5. Enough Sleeping

As we know that sleeping is a media to relax your self, break your mind and make your self looks fresh when wake up. Sleeping can reduce stress and depression so that can improve your brain memory, preventing dementia and also Alzheimer.

Okay, we hope that some tips how to prevent Alzheimer and dementia can help you to be more carefully whether to face it or assist your family.

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