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4 Exercises to Help Avoid Running Injuries

We think everyone has the same risk for getting running injuries, but indirectly they have made it becomes more severe when it happens of at least they precisely stimulate it occurs. Running injuries actually can come unpredictably and even it will damage your pleasure days. As we know that running can be the main common exercise that is done not only for experience runners but also for some lay men. Well, below are some exercises to help avoid running injuries. Find them to try!flamingo stretch exercise


The first exercise to help avoid running injury is the flamingo. Flamingo is another side of static stretching which can work well on the quadriceps. In addition, you can try to do it leaning against a wall or even just with standing. Lift your right foot in your back of your knee and then take a foot with your own hand. Then, please pull back when you feel the quadriceps stretch.  You can re-do this session for some sections.

Legs Pendulum

Exercise to help avoid running injuries is by have legs pendulums. It is far different than the Flamingo because this exercise uses dynamic stretching that work on your quadriceps. To do it, you can stand with a foot and then lift another to the another side. Don’t forget to swing which leg in front of you resembles a pendulum, then re- swing it back. Do this 10 times for each leg.

Calf Stretch

Exercises to help avoid running injuries can be realized by doing calf stretch. It includes as the static stretch that can be done alone without a trainer. It can be done by standing or against the wall. So, how to do it? To do it, be sure to place one leg forward then others behind. Push against the wall might be necessary to stretch it longer. Repeat it again and do the same with other legs.stretch hamstring exercises

Stretch Hamstring Style

If you want to get your hamstrings to be stronger, let’s try to apply hamstring style. It is one of essential dynamic exercises that is targeted for it. To do it, lie flat on the back then rubber tubing around the right foot.  Pull at tubing while at the same time raise your leg, still keeping knees always straight. After that bring it back down to the floor. Do this for some minutes to get the best result.

Hope those stretch actions can help you find the best impacts.

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