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7 Allergy Treatments To Try

Allergy becomes the most annoying thing that can disturb our best moment and activities. Allergy actually is common thing. Allergy isn’t serious matter when it can be overcome well. It can cause light till serious symptoms and even come unpredictably. So find the way to overcome these allergies.allergy treatment

1. Using Mask

Using a mask is an alternative way to avoid yourself from allergy that might happen unpredictably. Mask can prevent allergen enters to your breath channel when your body can able to avoid specific type of allergies. The most recommended mask is Respirator mask N95, you can find it in many store shops and medical stores.

2. Try The Hot Steam

Sniff the hot steam is simple way to reduce discomfort when you feel your nose is clogged due to allergy. To do it, please prepare a bowl of hot water and then be sure to point your head into the top of the bowl, prepare also the towel around your head to maintain steam in order to out.

3. Consume A Vitamin D

There is no more great way to prevent allergy instead consuming Vitamin D. Based on a research said that lack of vitamin D can cause allergy symptoms that will stimulate allergy to come. Vitamin D can be found easily on fish oil and fish fat such as salmon, tuna or other instant supplements to get from drug store.vitamin d sources in food

4. Be Sure Your Room Always Clean

The next way to prevent allergy comes is by make sure that your room is always clean. Try to sweep the floor everyday, eliminate dust in the hidden place. Use anti bacterial liquid floor cleaners to clean your floor.

5. Drink More Fresh Water

Everyone knows that drink fresh water not only makes your body feels light but also avoid from allergy. Drink much water can also help someone who gets postnasal drip from your own allergy. Juice and milk can be considered too.

6. Make A Warm Soup

The next allergy treatment to try is making a warm soup. It seems so crazy but believes that it will work well on you. They not only make your body feels warmer but also dilute your nose mucus and reducing blown.

7. Find What Cause of Allergy

The last tips is by find what cause of allergy that might happen. Whether due to cold air outside, foods or specific drinks or even due to nervous. Find the cause and consult to doctor to treat it.

Hope those 7 Allergy Treatments can help you to overcome your allergy. Good Luck!

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