healthy breakfast ideas for women

10 Easy and Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Our morning nutrition makes the biggest deal on the next strength and performance. Sometimes, we simply don’t have enough time for preparing complete breakfast. Here are several ideas we can have for breakfast that don’t need much time to prepare.

#1. Cheese and Fruits

We don’t need multiple fruits for each meal. We can combine apple, for example, and cheese, or add blueberries when we have it in the fridge. We have enough fiber and calorie here.

#2. Waffle with Peanut Butter Coating

We can cut the sugar by coating waffles with peanut butter. If we like it, we can spread sesame seeds or raisins and peanut on it. The nutrition will be delivered in a more steady way.

#3. Plain Donut and Chocolate Milk

Old fashioned donut without sugary topping is a lot healthier. It makes perfect menu with a glass of hot chocolate milk. For extra fiber, we can add dried fruits or almonds.healthy breakfast ideas recipes

#4. Fruit Shake

If we use instant powder for this, we should prefer one without sugar. We can add fresh banana or strawberry for more fiber. We can also use soy milk instead of the cow milk.

#5. Eggs

Make scramble eggs if we are fine with whole eggs. A little olive oil, bell peppers, onion, black pepper, and maybe broccoli will make great combination in it. The whites are even healthier.

#6. Fruit Salad

If we store many fruits in the fridge, we can cut them into pieces and throw them in a bowl for fruit salad. We can add lemon or orange juice for dressing and it is perfect!fruit salad breakfast healthy ideas

#7. Fruit and Yogurt Bowl

Cut fruits into small pieces and add low fat yogurt in the bowl. For more fiber, we can add granola. However, we need to be picky about granola since most of brands give it too much fat or sugar.

#8. Toast and Fruit

Beside eggs, fruit makes great companion for whole wheat toast. It gives not only taste but more vitamins too. For toast dressing, we can try almond butter instead of peanut butter.

#9. Tofu

Instead of eggs, tofu can be mixed with some chopped veggies, garlic powder, tamari or soy sauce, and black pepper while we stir fry it with olive oil.

#10. Oatmeal with Healthy Dressing

We need to cook the oatmeal on microwave first. Then, we can add fruits like blueberries, flaxseed and almonds, and use just a little bit honey for final dressing.

Those ideas are not only almost instantly ready. They are nutritious, and full of fiber. We make them, and we build healthy life and body. Let’s try one idea for each morning.

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