Best Safe Skin Care during Pregnancy

10 Best Safe Skin Care during Pregnancy

Stay beautiful during pregnancy makes an essential thing as well. It makes the moment more meaningful and fun. However, be picky on products you wear. The following skin care products are safe for you to wear. #1. Tonic Body Treatment Oil by Clarins Huile This makes the best product after shower and before the lotion application. It gives more hydrating boost for you while remain safe. Watch for the smell. #2. Stretch Marks Double Action Cream by Mustela Unlike common stretch marks creams, this one…

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Healthy Food For College Students

9 Healthy Food For College Students On A Budget

It sounds impossible that a college student can eat healthily while keeping the budget low. The following list contains nutritious and healthy food with low price. This list gives us the chance to stay low on budget while remain fit as well. #1. Refried Beans These beans are usually canned and are great for menus like nachos, burritos, and enchilada. It also makes perfect side dish with calories, protein, fibber, and enough calcium on even small serving. #2. Spinach For this, we should get it…

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allergy treatment

7 Allergy Treatments To Try

Allergy becomes the most annoying thing that can disturb our best moment and activities. Allergy actually is common thing. Allergy isn’t serious matter when it can be overcome well. It can cause light till serious symptoms and even come unpredictably. So find the way to overcome these allergies. 1. Using Mask Using a mask is an alternative way to avoid yourself from allergy that might happen unpredictably. Mask can prevent allergen enters to your breath channel when your body can able to avoid specific type…

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