cardio for heart health

8 Benefits of Cardio Exercise

Cardio or cardiovascular exercise is one of the most important exercises you should include when you set up a fitness plan. Cardio exercise is any movement that helps you get heart rate up and improve blood circulation throughout the body. Most people doing cardiovascular exercise as they intend to burn off excess calories and increase energy supply. In other words, they do cardio exercise as they want to lose their weight. In fact, losing weight is only one of the benefits of doing cardio exercise.…

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healthy breakfast ideas for women

10 Easy and Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Our morning nutrition makes the biggest deal on the next strength and performance. Sometimes, we simply don’t have enough time for preparing complete breakfast. Here are several ideas we can have for breakfast that don’t need much time to prepare. #1. Cheese and Fruits We don’t need multiple fruits for each meal. We can combine apple, for example, and cheese, or add blueberries when we have it in the fridge. We have enough fiber and calorie here. #2. Waffle with Peanut Butter Coating We can…

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elderly people eat consumption

5 Vitamins Must be Consumed for the Elderly

Choosing vitamins for the elderly certainly has the different way than you choose it for children. Vitamins has also different doses, it depends on the consumer’s age. Commonly doctor gives vitamins to someone carefully by considering the age and patient’s body condition. Although as the function and type, vitamins for elderly and children have similar thing. Here are some vitamins for elderly that’s need to try. Vitamin B Vitamin B is the first vitamin that we recommend for elderly. Vitamin B is really important to…

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